Production in re-rolling mill


Raw material (Billets) tested in our lab and if the reports are satisfactory then it is issued for the FIRE RESISTANCE. While ordinary rebars shows rapid loss of strength as the temperature increased beyond 350 degree Celsius, Lake Steel HS-CR Bar does not show any loss of strength even at 600 degrees Celsius thus making it safer in the event of a fire.

Cost Benifits:

Lake Steel HS-CR Bar offers marked advantages in terms of the High Strength & corrosion resistance properties ( at least 50% higher compared to ordinary re-bars ) for a marginally higher cost.

Areas of application

  • Marine environment
  • Industrial pollution
  • High rainfall/ High humidity
  • Brackish ground water
  • Saline sub-soil

Lake Steel Ltd. is the first company in the country to introduce the unique high stength, corrosion resistance (HS-CR) reinforcement steel bar.

Lake Steel Consist of a state –of-art fully Computerized & Automatic Steel Rolling Mill plant with production capacity of upto 25 Tones per hours which turns annual production of 100,000 metric tones. High ultra modern technology & gradation of automation enables us to produce High and consistent quality of steel bars which are according to national and International Standard. In order to provide customers with the highest quality steel, The company is equipped with High ultra modern latest technology , Experience, dedication, technical Knowledge and an extensive approach to steel making that emphasizes its priority of serving the nation.