Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Lake Gas Ltd. is committed to improving retail and bulk petroleum procurement, storage, distribution and selling standards by putting in place systems that will ensure full compliance with the highest Health, Safety and Environment standards. We plan to achieve this goal by adopting the best HSE practices from the Gas Industry and other regulatory bodies and authorities.

We shall promote the principle of continuous improvement through effective monitoring of performance to ensure that we achieve our policy goals.

Specifically, we are committed to the following principles in the implementation of our HSE Policy:

  • Create and maintain a professional and motivated workforce that is adequately trained in all aspects of safe petroleum products handling accompanied with a policy of recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.
  • Observe all HSE Laws and Regulations of Tanzania and wherever we collect and or deliver petroleum products and other goods.
  • Maintain an incident free environment by eliminating all risks and product related incidents by making all employees fully responsible and accountable for HSE.
  • Commitment to an Alcohol and Drug free workplace together with a program to ensure compliance.
  • Put in place an effective emergency preparedness and response programs to promptly and effectively attend incidents as and when they occur.
  • Make it a priority to maintain safe products transport units through proper selection and maintenance schedules. Additionally our selection will follow approved and applicable International and Local specifications, standards and codes.
  • Put in place a self-audit procedure to monitor performance against set Key Performance Indicators and compliance with basic procedures.
  • Demonstrate visible Management leadership, involvement and commitment in creating and sustaining oil products and road transport HSE awareness and culture in the organization through effective participation and communication.
  • We shall work very closely with other Oil Industry stakeholders and bulk oil road transporters to ensure that there is a continuous improvement in HSE awareness and implementation so as to achieve in our organization and other organizations a mutual benefit through positively meeting the expectations of our customers.

In so doing we will positively engage our suppliers, subcontractors, competitors and regulatory authorities.