Qa & Qc Procedures


Gulf Concrete and Cement Products Company Ltd (GCCP) has its quality management system to satisfy the needs of its customers and to improve the performance of the company. The main objectives of this Quality Control Procedure is to establish and implement QA & QC procedures to promulgate an acceptable standard for the raw materials, batching process, delivery and the final product, before its placement.

The responsibility of key personnel, who manages and perform in the various areas of production, Quality Assurance & Quality Control, have been defined for the purpose of implementing the Quality Assurance & Quality Control program as follows:

The Technical Manager shall be responsible for all aspects of technical matters, planning, preparation and approvals. The Technical Manager will review the required product from the raw materials suppliers to ensure whether the products comply with the requirements of project specification.

The Quality control engineer shall be responsible for all testing activities and the periodic verification and calibration of the batching plant and laboratory equipment. He is responsible for overall quality control of the incoming materials as well as the end product.

The operations manager in coordination with the contractor, site supervisors and transport foreman, shall be responsible for arranging work schedule to meet the customer’s concrete requirements at site.


The fresh concrete in each truck mixer will be checked by qualified and experienced technicians for consistency. If the fresh concrete is in an acceptable condition it will be delivered to the respective site. To check the quality of the hardened concrete, cubes will be cast randomly from each concrete grade before delivering to the site.