Safety Regulations

African Inland Container Depot strictly adheres to the safety regulations to be implemented in the inland container depot. As a part of its commitment towards a safe environment in the Depot the following safety regulations are adopted:

Personal Safety Rules

  1. Always be alert of Crane movements on ANY track, at ANY time, in ANY direction.
  2. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Depot.
  3. The use, possession, presence in the body, distribution or sale of Illegal Drugs and/or Alcohol on depot premises including vehicles and equipment are prohibited.
  4. Pedestrians are banned in operational area. Non-Operational persons are advised to use Depot Guidance Services to move inside the ICD.
  5. Unauthorized use of mobile phones are banned in operational area.
  6. Never enter or walk through Heavy Equipment operations area/Railway Track.
  7. Never stand under lifting container.
  8. Climbing onto Container Handling Equipment is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  9. Keep safe distance from Container Handling Equipments.
  10. Never use container storage yard and gate office as a resting/sleeping place.

Traffic Safety Rules

  1. Private vehicles and two wheelers are strictly prohibited in the operational area of the depot.
  2. Depot speed limit is 30 KPH
  3. Obey traffic routes and signboards.
  4. Crane/Train/Container Handling Equipments have the RIGHT OF WAY, all truck movements must yield to their movement.
  5. Stay in your vehicle at all times.
  6. Never drive under suspended loads.
  7. NEVER stop the vehicle in container storage yard and Railway tracks.
  8. Park the vehicle safely without obstructing the Traffic and never leave the vehicle unattended.
  9. No Repair or Maintenance activities of the vehicles are permitted in the Depot premises.
  10. Talking on Mobile phones, while driving or being served, is NOT permitted.