Lake Oil Limited has a network of 67 fully operational Petrol Stations which are owned and run by the company. These Petrol stations with their eye catching colors consisting of blue, white, yellow and red can be found around Dar es Salaam and in almost every region in Tanzania.

The Lake Oil brand has, over the past couple of years, come to symbolize speed, convenience, service and value. In addition to quality fuel at its Petrol Stations which are 24 hours open, these locations also offer a wide range of services from convenience store products, car washes, co-branded fast food, mechanical repairs and services, Pre Paid Electricity Services commonly known as LUKU and also ATM services.

Lake Oil's commitment to the very highest of service standards and customer servicing are applied across its entire business spectrum and this has been made possible due to its experienced staff that have vast experience with the oil industry. Geographical representation of our retail outlets are as follows: