About Us

DRC Petroleum S.A.R.L was founded in the year 2008 in Democratic Republic of the Congo and is a marketing arm of Lake Group, Tanzania. The company currently imports its own fuel from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania or Beria, Mozambique. At Dar Es Salaam, imported product is stored in Lake Oil Limited’s storage facility at Kigamboni. Thereafter, the fuel is transported to the DRC by road by using the group’s Lake Trans trucks which are stationed in Dar es Salaam.

DRC Petroleum S.A.R.L has its very own 2.5 million litres capacity storage facility on the way to Kipushiarea which helps to serve combany's broad customer base. The company also supplies its fuel to many mines in Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi. We are developing an equi-sized storage capacity at mining heartland of Kolwezi.

DRC Petroleum S.A.R.L has 6 Service stations currently and a few more are under construction. We have the unique advantage of better sourcing of quality fuel, excellent storage capacity as well as a well-established and ever developing retail network to increase our customer reach.